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Christopher Davis


Christopher Davis is an ex-pat who left the United States once it became clear to him that the country was headed down a very dark and disturbing path. Appalled by what he watched unfolding in 2016, Chris decided to use his writing background as a way to fight back.

Originally a poet and writer of shorts stories, Chris channeled his anger and rage into a singular story. He wrote a satirical novel asking what if things had turned out differently and the President had been removed by force to stop a possible second term and the destruction of the country as we knew it.

He has since gone on to write 16 other novels covering genres as diverse as YA, Adult Contemporary, Satire and an Erotic Romance set called The Black Widow series.

Married with children and Pets, Chris lives a quiet and happy life in British Columbia.

Lily Davis


Lily is the youngest in the group. At 24, she is a prodigy, writing what she sees and what she’s experienced. Growing up in a small town in the rural Midwest, Lily knew she was different from the start. Drawn to her creative side from a very young age, Lily began writing fiction before she was twelve. She went through high school feeling like she didn’t fit anywhere; that’s when she started experimenting with drugs, body modifications like tattoos and piercings, and writing.

Lily began to move into short stories and full-length novels. Her first novel, “The Outcasts,” was lauded for exposing the dark underbelly of high school life in a small town in the USA. Her next novel, “Katelyn’s Song,” will continue along the same path, exploring what it’s like to try and fit in a place where you know you don’t really belong.

Joe Rossi


Joe Rossi has a unique ability to cross over from genre to genre, depending on what inspires him and what he knows. As a product of a broken family and abuse at the age of 15, Joe ran away from home. He used his athleticism as a means to overcome his bad experiences and mental illness. Joe moved to California from Seattle to play college football in the late 80s.

However, a promising career was derailed as Joe spiraled out of control with alcohol and drug use. Moving from college life into life as a highly paid escort in Los Angeles, Chris turned to writing and narcotics to escape from the horror he had experienced, servicing other people’s twisted sexual fantasies. Eventually, drug abuse wore him down to the point where he knew he desperately needed help or he wasn’t going to make it.

Getting into a self-help program combined with writing again enabled Joe to get clean and sober. Joe has been clean for 17 years now and focuses on writing novels and short stories that touch the darker elements of sexuality and the human condition. He has written adult, YA, dark satire. He specializes in erotic romance featuring female main characters who are curvy or plus-sized and learning to love themselves and someone else.

In his spare time, Joe counsels drug users and works to help sex workers stay safe in Los Angeles. He is single and considers himself pansexual.